colored series

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De ronde spiegel doet het in vrijwel elke ruimte in huis goed. De ronde spiegel moet niet alleen ter decoratie dienen, maar ook praktisch zijn. Dat kan bijvoorbeeld met LED-verlichting en spiegelverwarming. De ronde spiegel zorgt voor een vrolijke, speelse en stijlvolle uitstraling in uw badkamer. Een ware trend die we alsmaar zien terugkomen. Een fraaie, kleine ronde spiegel of juist een hele grote ronde spiegel die uw badkamer optisch groter doet lijken. De ronde spiegel is hoe dan ook een aanwinst in uw badkamer!

Decorate your stylish mirror with additional options. Consider, for example, a mirror with LED lighting, so that you have the ideal amount of light while shaving or applying makeup. A possible magnifying mirror helps even more. Mirror lighting is available with a touch switch or a sensor.


When you come out of the shower, the bathroom mirror is often fogged up so you can’t see anything anymore. If you then run a hand over the mirror, it will leave unsightly spots and streaks. With mirror heating you’ll no longer have to struggle with a fogged mirror. Built-in heating therefore saves you time and annoyance when you prepare early in the morning for a busy (working) day.

Bluetooth audio
A great option for music lovers is also available; a bluetooth audio set in your mirror, with a link to, for example, your phone. That’s a nice wake-up call when you take a shower in the morning! Fix your hair while you sing along or brush your teeth while dancing: this is how you start - or end - your day!

Digital clock
When you have a tight schedule, a digital clock in your mirror offers a solution. This way you know exactly what time it is.

Our round mirrors are also beautiful to finish with, for example, anthracite or bronze-colored mirror glass. Your new mirror is completely customizable.